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Please note that Landmark Forum was formerly known as Werner Erhard Seminar Training (short name



Going forth, I will be alternatively using Landmark Forum (Erhard Seminar Training) as my intention is to bring out my experience at Landmark Forum with explanations from the Carl's book on EST.


During my seminar, I heard the leaders/communicators using the word . I GOT YOU
I did not get an explanation from Landmark leaders as to why did they say this phrase. But only while reading the EST book by Carl, I got to know that this is a sort of surrendering done to make the adversary unconsciously feel that he is right.

  • give up being right and acknowledge other's genuineness

  • You can’t tamper with the past.
  • You can’t edit it.
  • You can’t change it in anyway, shape or form.

Looks like Norman Vincent Peale to you right? Well I found out about this status in the 11th chapter of EST book by Carl just before epilogue.
Do you want to get the biggest grin on your face that you ever imagined, then:

  • if you have any control in your life, it’s only concerning the present and the future
  • be responsible for everything that comes into your life
  • no one and no thing ever was or ever will be the cause of your life being whatever it is
  • there’s no need to make anyone wrong in the process of getting what you want in life
  • give up being right and acknowledge other person's genuineness
  • when your mind is running your life by serving up "PAST" pictures, you’re on total automatic, just like a robot that literally makes you a MACHINE

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