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  • I am Landmark Forum Graduate who found breakthroughs through the Scientology principles of Landmark.
  • I am all in favour of people doing the course but not in favour of the high fees charged or in forcible marketing
  • I have become a big fan of the course and want to translate a book on EST available on from English to Kannada, Hindi etc.
  • I have also found similarities between Srivaishnavism and the Landmark Course I underwent and want to provide them in this blog
  • What better time than this year 2016-17 which is birth millenium of Ramanujacharya to celebrate on May 1, 2017

My disagreement with Landmark Forum principle is related to the above image (of Ramanujacharya's idol). He was a philosophical teacher who said that every human body has a soul which is a separate entitiy. Just because we cannot see the soul does not mean that there is no soul. However, human beings often think that the soul and body or one (which is called in Sanskrit as Deha-Athma-Abhimana). This concept is also told in Landmark Seminars by asking us where is this you? However, the seminar leader will force us to believe that there is no you at all. It is where the Landmark acts as a religion or cult by trying to superimpose on the belief of Indians whose philosophical school teaches otherwise.

My inspiration to do this website was the comments posted on a blog on Ajit Prasad. Helow are a few of the comments I liked:
Nancy 05. Jan, 2016 at 6:49 pm #
I attended landmark and opinion it didn’t work for me and I found it a sheer waste of time. All they do is push you, insult you and do watever it takes to bring more enrolments from the very first day. They go pushing you to enroll for the next program and say you will benefit in the next program but wat happened to the money I paid for this program. You want to go thru the misery for yourself Enroll…they are great sweet talkers.
Hari 26. Nov, 2015 at 12:44 pm #
The LF was recommended by a friend and i attended the whole of 1st day and 90 minutes of the next day (2nd day) (21st and 22nd Nov 2015) and then decided it was not for me. What you have expressed rings a bell with so many of us out here that ALL of it follows an exact pattern. GLOBALLY. Crampy chairs, uncomfortable hours, domination of staff, shouting, not listening, not allowing participants to speak up, rebuking, telling everyone that their life stinks and the works. Getting a refund was not important, i can focus my energies elsewhere and still make better money with that time. What i felt was a sea of negative energy in there, it was draining my free spirit. Its meant for people with low IQ, low self esteem, having abysmally low support system in life, loners, losers…….
A hall packed with more than 160 people, people with different level of understanding, having different issues, diverse backgrounds, different age groups and a different goal – all subjected to one method – destructive emotional blackmailing.

Lorraine 11. Jan, 2016 at 9:48 pm #
I have met a number of people who participated in LF and strongly recommended it – one of them “got in touch” with childhood abuse, quit his job, and (as he told me) “cried every day for a year”. He says LF made that “transformation possible”, as though being out of work and weeping uncontrollably every day for a year was an improvement over his past life, when he was a successful (but lonely) accountant. Another person I met has a consulting business focusing on helping people realize their dreams. Her business is constantly struggling, but rather than doing something about it, she keeps redefining what success means to her, and much of her life is suffering due to neglect. A third person I have known for nearly 10 years was involved in LF for about a decade, and they consider themself to have been specially trained by this program of ideology. They are a very nice person, but they are probably the most narcissistic and delusional person I have ever met, and they constantly repeat things that are clearly not true – as though repeating them will make them so. It’s very sad to see. So brainwashed, with all that jargon and self-satisfied insider-type of superiority… when their life is falling down around them, and they are failing terribly at a profession they have been active in for many, many years.
My observation of LF graduates is that the program gives them the tools to be even more of what they are — if you are a weak and irresponsible person who seeks to justify your poor choices and transgressions, LF will give you the tools to justify your character weaknesses. If you are a strong-minded person who believes in living in the real world, LF will sharpen your acuity for seeing past the sham. The problem is, they prey upon the weak and vulnerable, promising “powerful” ways to come to terms with life, when all they are doing is indoctrinating you with specialized jargon and a way to do mental acrobatics to get yourself off the hook for the lousy things you do to yourself and others.
Then again, for some it provides a valuable source of social interaction and a framework for thinking about life, so it can do some good. But buyer beware!

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