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Issues of Landmark Forum (EST) in India

I have seen numerous websites where previous Landmark Forum (EST) graduates have felt cheated.

After watching this video documentary, and reading its script, some burning issues from Legal Perspective I have are:

  • 1. In India, only a qualified doctor (registered medical practitioner) is permitted to give clinical psychological counselling. Are Forum (EST) Leaders qualified in Psychology?
  • 2. In India, the Minimum Wages Act, 1948 prescribes payment of salary to even part time workers. Are volunteers paid for their work in doing jobs like tele-caller, account executive etc?
  • 3. In India, constitution guarantees certain freedoms to act (example right to freedom of religion). Will forcing participants to pay more money or enrol gullible people be violation of fundamental rights?
  • 4. Anywhere in the world, an experienced psychiatrist is supposed to give psychological help. My experience with Landmark Forum (formerly EST) is that even people without experience are asked to join the ILP (introductory leader program) to train them to dupe more people. Does Landmark Forum (EST) take responsibility if any psychological damage is caused to patients? Can they be sued for professional misconduct?
  • 5. While joining a Landmark Forum, a patient expects to get the full value for fees paid. But what happens over two days is nothing but marketing of advanced courses/communication programs, and blackmail of patients that they will not gain anything if they do not join the advance course. How right is the approach to camouflage the real intention of money making behind a facade of Landmark Forum Graduate Course?
  • 6. As seen in the french Video or in its Script, I personally saw many doctors attending the Landmark Forum (EST Seminar)and who were asked to enrol atleast 5-10 persons known to them. Is it ethical medical practice for a doctor to advise patients to join a legally non-certified medication and is not Landmark Forum (EST) unethical to implore doctors to bring in gullible persons?

I am yet to file an right to information (RTI) Act application with respective health department and labour departments. As these are just thoughts, I will keep updating the blog soon.
1st query Are there any laws in the country to govern psychologists who use the mode of humiliating the patients to treat them
2nd Query A worker even if he gives in writing to forego wages, will he still not be entitled to bonus and benefits? What happens if a person meets with accident while working or on way to returning from home?
3rd Query a writ needs to be filed and hence, a letter to the Supre Court or Highcourt with sufficient evidence can make the respective courts to take up the case suo-moto (or even a letter to the Prime Minister regarding the forcible conversion and mandatory recruitment of new followers when conversion is prohibited in law?)
4th Query
  • Can a consumer dispute be raised for insufficient service or
5th Query
  • is there violation of Karnataka Private Medical Establishments Act, 2007?
6th Query Are doctors attending Landmark Forum (EST) violating the Indian Medical Council (Professional conduct, Etiquette and Ethics) Regulations, 2002 by enrolling their patients?

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